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Member Visibility to Subscribers
As you set up your company and its members / subscribers, you may want to keep the subscriber list hidden from other subscribers. You can now choose to have the members hidden from other subscribers in your company’s settings. Note that this will also hide engagement statistics such as reads, likes, and comments for subscribers (admins will still have access to those metrics).
Members Page Improvements
We’ve made it easier to handle the invitations for your company in Reportedly.
Admins can now see if an email address bounced. Reportedly will report soft or hard bounces - which indicates if an email address is invalid, the mailbox is full, or if the server is down. This will only work for invitations sent after today, so if you have some pending invites you can re-invite them to see an updated status.
Admins are also able to see when a user was last invited, and re-send an invitation email.
Company Timeline Beta
Create and share important company milestones with your investors, team, and subscribers, right in Reportedly. Easily download and print the timeline for sharing in other presentations.
Admins can now view and edit the timeline for your company by navigating to the below URL and replacing yourcompany with your company’s name:
We’re still gathering feedback and testing - feel free to reach out with any feedback and suggestions.
Fixes and Improvements
  • To alleviate long load times, we’ve added pagination to members lists and status report lists
  • Fixed a new user workflow that resulted in email invitations being sent that did not have valid invitation tokens
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